We left Halls Gap and drove to Echuca. Echuca is a small town on the Murray River. Mum says that years ago, there was a TV programme based there about the families that owned the paddle steamers. The steamer that we went on was in it. At Echuca, we looked at the paddle steamers while we were on a cruise on the Murray River on board the paddle steamer Emmylou. She was a very nice boat. She had a big wheel that made her move when it turned. It was turned by a big steam engine.
The cruise was alright. The Murray River is the same colour as the Northern Wairoa but the gum tree lined banks are quite high and the earth is a reddish colour. We got to go under 2 bridges. One was a  bridge with 3 or 4 arches and the other one was an ordinary concrete rail bridge, but it was cool because it had lines up it from floods. There was a bright red door painted on a tree on the bank. I thought it was like Moonface’s slippery slide from Enid Blytons book The Magic Faraway Tree. When we got off the Emmylou we drove to Shepparton. Shepparton is the fruit and vege area of Victoria.

G 🙂

2 thoughts on “Echuca

  1. Hi Just letting you know that I used one of your Echuca photo’s (the steam Engine) in my Uni assignment. I’m doing a web design course and used the photo in a slideshow on my page. You have now been officially cited in an academic work 🙂

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