Tin-Can Bay

On our way back to Brisbane, we stopped in Tin-Can Bay. There’s not much there – it wasn’t even as big as Dargaville. We went there for one reason only – to hand feed some wild dolphins. Every day, Indo-Humpback dolphins come into the harbour to be fed. Because they are wild, they never know exactly how many will turn up but there are always at least 2.
The male dolphin had been in a shark attack and was nursed back to health by the volunteers so he is always there. He is the alpha male in the pod. The female that was there the day we were is the ‘Mary Poppins’ of the pod. She looks after all the calves and keeps them away from humans and the pod until they are old enough to look after themselves.
IMG_0557 IMG_0555 IMG_0553 IMG_0551

5 thoughts on “Tin-Can Bay

  1. Really jealous now that you got to get so close to dolphins. Looks Awesome. I must say that you don’t very often here “big” and “Dargaville” together in one positive sentence!!

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