Town of 1770 and Singing Sail

We continued our quest to follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook while in Queensland. Mum insisted on going to the town of 1770 because she was fascinated by the idea that a town could be named by numbers, not words. Turns out, it was where Captain Cook first stepped foot in Queensland. We went to a cairn that marked the beach he stepped on to, then walked down to the beach and stood where he stood. Mum thought it was pretty cool. Grace thinks it might be where he landed after he got a hole in his ship when he hit the Great Barrier Reef. Further down the coast at Emu Park, we visited a monument to Captain Cook called the Singing Sail. It is designed to whistle when the wind blows. The pipes have lots of different holes in them that the wind blows over and through. It sounded pretty eerie, almost like the sails on an old sailing ship. You had to be quite close to it to be able to hear it.

5 thoughts on “Town of 1770 and Singing Sail

    1. Mum says she can’t think of anything significant that happened in 1970….was it when The Beatles split up??? NAh, just joking. We know that’s when they changed the name of the town to 1770 as part of the centenary celebrations. Can’t believe you knew that! Nah, WE know that’s when you were born. G & E

  1. Captain Cook actually hit the reef at Tribulation point north of Cairns and made landfall at a cove which is now called Cooktown on the York peninsular

    1. You”re right, Nin. We weren’t sure where he hit the reef. After your comment, we looked it up. He hit the reef in early June. He landed at 1770 for supplies on May 24. They call the area the Discovery Coast after his trip. The town was re-named 1770 in 1970 as part of the centenary celebrations. They think it’s the only town in the world with digits for a name. G & E

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