Grand Canyon

Day 16

Today we got up early to see the sunrise, which was really cool as the rock of the canyon changed from grey to red. Then we walked down a track partway into the canyon, to the equivalent of 56 flights of stairs. I thought it was pretty cool to be able to look back up at the rim of the canyon. It was rather disappointing though, as the track sign said that there were two tunnels on the ttack, but they were actually just arches across the track. Mum, Emelia and I walked back up to the rim of the canyon, while Dad continued down the track towards the bottom of the canyon. When we got back up to the rim of the canyon, Mum, Emelia and I explored the area around a place called Bright Angel Lodge. We found a building called the Kolb Studio and then further down the track the Lookout Studio, which was designed by a Miss. Mary Colbert for the Frank Harvey company to compete with the Kolb Studio. Miss Colbert was very amazing for the time period she was working in, as she was employed as an architect and interior decorator when those sorts of jobs were considered to be mens jobs, in 1902. She also did lots of research about the architecture and art of the Native American communities around the Grand Canyon, choosing to imitate their style of architecture instead of the European architecture like most other architects around her. This means her buildings fit the landscape and look even older than they actually are.

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