Park City

Day 11

More skiing. Today was better than yesterday as the snow wasn’t as icy. Lucky Mum got to stay home and do laundry – she says it’s one of the joys of not being a skiier!

Day 12

Today we left Canyons for Park City village intending to take some Nordic skiing lessons. Unfortunately, we had to pull the pin as the weather was yuck. Instead, we had hot chocolate in this cool place called Atticus Coffee and Book Shop – very funky. We then explored the rustic town of Park City before lunch at Taco Bell then heading to the Outlet stores one last time. Guess we just can’t get enough pairs of shoes! Then we went to the Utah Olympic Park. We were hoping to see some ski jumping, in the style of Eddy the Eagle only better. However, the poor weather meant that the day’s training had been cancelled. We did get close to a bob-sled though. Not quite ‘Cool Runnings’!IMG_2048IMG_2052

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