Vegas, Baby

Day 13

An early start today as we headed to Salt Lake City to fly to Las Vegas. Once we arrived we left our luggage at our hotel and went to explore the Strip. The casinos were very grand and most didn’t really have a strong theme. We found the Luxor Casino and went to the Bodies and Titanic exhibitions. My favourite exhibit was the Bodies one as it was really cool to look at and read about all the functions and diseases in different parts of the body. You were able to see how they effect the organs. The Titanic exhibition was pretty good as the way they presented the exhibit was very engaging and made the exhibit very interesting. Emelia preferred this exhibit to the Bodies one. She liked the history aspect of it. When we entered, we were all given a boarding pass for one of the passengers that sailed on this ship. This made it more interesting as you could follow the experience your person might have had. All of our people died.


In the evening, we went to a Cirque de Soleil show – Ka. It was awesome. The photos don’t do it justice.

Then we walked along the Strip to see it at night – much more spectacular, but no one got any photos!


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